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Green Color Project


March was the month for me to explore mixing green watercolor paints.  I continue to use Winsor-Newton tube paints and have a cool and warm color for red (alizarin crimson/cadmium red), blue (French ultramarine/winsor blue), and yellow (winsor lemon/cadmium yellow).  I also use burnt sienna, burnt umber, and neutral tint to expand the color choices.  It was fun to move from blue (January color) and red (February color) to green because mixing a secondary color before changing it further took more mixing and experimentation.  I try to choose items for this project to expand my color range and then to replicate the actual color to the best of my ability.  For new members of the EDM group, exploring one color for an entire month was inspired by Laura (of Laurelines) and I am now only one of several members who have followed her lead. 


I really like this idea and may be borrowing it in the future when the well is dry. It looks like you had fun with it.

THESE are so so neat, Shirley!!! And what variety you've achieved!!! I simply must begin to practice this. GREAT GREAT JOB!

Shirley, these are wonderful! I was also doing a theme month and found it so rewarding. Thanks to Laura for the lead. What are you doing for April?

Beautiful well done watercolors!

This a wonderful idea, and you have done a beautiful job with you green March!

Wonderful!! These lovely drawings take me immediately back to last spring when I had the great pleasure of working with green! Congratulations on your good work!

I think you did marvellous at GREEN! What colour is next Shirley?

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