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Self-Portrait Class

I took an on-line self-portrait class with Jane Davies in Jan-Feb, and thought it was about time to draw another one as I looked in a mirror.  There is rarely a resemblance - but she made us do very loose drawing/collage exercises which I think will be beneficial as I try to improve my observation skills.  My goal is to be able to sketch family members, someday, and make my drawings better.

Jana Bouc makes a self-portrait at the end of each sketchbook, so I sketched myself during my relaxing week in the snow.  I sketched with Jana in San Francisco in the past and always see a resemblance in her self-portraits, but she isn't sure.

So here is my latest and hopefully one in a large series that will improve with practice.  You can see our first exercise, drawing over photographs, to see recent photos of me.



Hi, Shirley,
Marvelous! Nice to compare the first one and the last one. Great job....of course, I not sure how close to your own photo as I don't have one to compare. But it looks fantastic to me!

I think it looks very much like you! You did a really nice job with it. nancy

Shirley, you did a really great job on the eyes. Shape and spacing are very much yours.

This is so much fun, Shirley! I love to see your work. And what a great idea of Jana's...

That's an awesome self-sketch! I haven't done that myself...I might do it because of this

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