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The Museum of Modern Art Print Studio Ended Today

I am very sad that the Print Studio ended today.  It was an amazing resource for artists/visitors and each of us felt that it was the perfect environment for artistic play.  The Reanimation Library provided the inspiration.  The images that were available in the 35+ shelves of books stimulated so many ideas and the copiers, scanners, and computers with Photoshop software permitted artists to experiment in many different ways. 

I made my eighth 8-page pamphlet book on Monday - this one entitled The Mystique of the Alphabet.  On Wednesday I decided that it was time to do some drawing - and made a book with figure illustrations for me to draw.  On Thursday I added collages to the altered book that I started in the workshop they had several weeks ago.  New friends were made and I shall miss them as we begin withdrawal and catch up on the rest of our life.

Here are the pages from my book entitled "Draw Me."








Your gang is so funny. You are all complaining about withdrawl. How nice to have such friendships. The drawings are a good idea against the photos are a good idea.

Lovely book Shirley! The life drawings are great Been catching up, I love the pine cone

What a wonderful opportunity this was for yo. Your skeleton drawings are quite fabulous.

great sketches! I've always wanted to do some really technical drawings of human bones and skeletons =)

These drawings of yours are so good! What a wonderful opportunity you had to do this!! nancy

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