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Snow in South Lake Tahoe

We had 3 days of snow in Lake Tahoe - glorious for us because we took walks around the town and down to the Lake.  The snow, and especially the wind, prevented me from doing any sketches that weren't from our hotel window.  But I brought in one of the largest pine cones I ever saw and added that to my sketchbook after it dried out. 



These sketchbook images were taken with my camera and not scanned, so the contrast had to be adjusted.  Today we are going to be in San Francisco, and tomorrow we return to NYC.


Shirley, what a wonderful opportunity! And I'm so glad you captured it with your sketches, what great memories...

I love your sketches. I have a tough time with snow - you did it well!

What an absolutely gorgeous place to be! I love your sketches,and the story of the art gallery with the Seuss exhibit made me wish all the more that I were there! nancy

How great to be in such a beautiful place, and walk in the snow, and produce such lovely pictures too. I particularly love the pine cone.

Let's see-Tahoe finally gets a major storm and you manage to be there. Sounds like you made the best of it! You should have waved as you were going to San Francisco-you went within 5 miles of my house if went down I80.

Wow!! What an amazing opportunity and what a glorious time you have had! Love your sketches and appreciate the irony of a New Yorker having to come west to find the snow this year!

Always wanted to draw a pinecone that really looks like a pine cone. you did an awesome job!

Lovely sketches! And you really included all the details from the pictures below =) I always thought about lake Tahoe whenever I see Chevy Tahoe on the road..and there are lots of them too! I wish I could go here someday

Great sketch of the pine cone, they're so complicated so well done!

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