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2nd Annual Master Print Using Fun Foam

Pat Gaignat, who wrote an article about this process in Cloth, Paper Scissors in the Sept-Oct 2010 issue, taught our small art group to make fun foam art stamps.  One year ago we "interpreted" a painting by Cranach using this process.  Last Christmas I posted a tutorial for making a simple Santa stamp in 4 colors.  Today we met and interpreted an Indian painting from the new Islamic Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Here is the painting that inspired us:


I sketched her to simplify the image.


Then I painted it to work on ways to simplify the colors.


Today was the day that we met and created stamps for our painting - laughing, swearing, having lunch, and finally printing out one copy.  Here is my print - using a limited stamp pad palette

It is certainly an exercise that must be working our neurons.  And having made stamps for such a complex image, less complicated ones are really easy.




This is so lovely! And keep up using that brush for drawing figures!

Simply impressive Shirley! =) I like seeing different versions of a single subject, and you pulled all of them off so well

Wow! I'm very impressed, this looks like ti would be very difficult to stamp, but you did it really well! Like the colours too!x

I have been meaning to try this technique in a simpler form for some time. I had no idea that it would be possible to make such a complex image. Wonderful!

Shirley, Splendid drawing, painting, and printing! I like the colors you chose for both the painting and the stamping. Each imparts a different mood. Your line drawing reminded me of an article I saw in the Hindu newspaper sometime in early 90's about the artist M F Hussein. His drawings were very expressive too. Thanks for sharing, Ambal.

Great! I really like seeing the progression..and am amazed you could get such detail with a stamp!

Wonderful results, all the swearing paid off!

I am so impressed! This is wonderful - all the preparation certainly paid off.

Wow, Shirley, this is complicated but well worth the splendid result.

This was so interesting, and I'm very impressed at what you were able to do with hand-made stamps!! nancy

Wonderful. A huge amount of effort for you, but worth it for the wonderful result.

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