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100 Faces Project

I am still working on my Carla Sonheim 100 Faces Drawing Lab project - and several weeks ago sketched 3 third graders during a brief, 10 minute, orientation to their local Barnes and Noble Children's Dept. I was with different classes each morning for 3 sessions, so these 3 were sketched on sequential days and then painted at home.

My Own Book Fund is a volunteer activity of mine, and we visit 3rd graders to discuss reading and books, then meet them at a local Barnes and Noble where they each purchase books totaling $50, and end by visiting their class one-two weeks later for presentations about their favorite new book.  They are so excited and so cute, and this year I think I was attracted to girls with great hair and bows and/or head bands.

My favorite report this year (not one of these 3 girls) was the student who stood up and told me that she was going to compare and contrast the Dork Diaries with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid - both very popular series with this age group.  And then she presented a number of conclusions.  Impressive!








Shirley, Yay! You're over halfway there. That's quite a committment to go for the whole 100, but I've seen from your blog that you do beautiful and regular drawings from the human figure. Does it get easier as you go along?

Wonderful young faces, Shirley...love the expression on the first one, especially. She looks enthralled!

That's a lot of portraits Shirley! These are lovely, I like the last one here, simple colours and a thoughtful expression.

Beautiful portraits and my compliments for your courage in taking up this lab in the first place. I think I am cowardly gonna skip it. ;-)

I am pretty sure you'll get to the 100th soon =) Beautiful work Shirley

I would love to hear the differences between the two books! Great to see you working the Lab.

Lovely portraits ! Nice varied expressions !

They're lovely! Children's faces can be quite a challenge to draw, but you've certainly done a wonderful job capturing these 3! nancy

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