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Another Day at the Met

I went back to the Met on Holiday Monday with my friend Judy and I saw two more new exhibits.

Guitar Heroes is a collection of guitars, violins, mandolins, lutes, and even a ukulele - the guitars from the 1930s on and most others several hundred years old and beautiful.  Drawing a Stradivari violin from 3 views was a real treat.  There is a wonderful website for anyone wanting to look, listen, and draw.


Cezanne's Card Players is very special to me.  In 2007, I selected the Met version of the painting for in depth study - and drew and painted it several times in my sketchbook.  You can read about the impetus and see my first versions here.  Last year I sketched only the standing peasant - and on Monday I copied a preparatory drawing by Cezanne of Paulin Poulet, the seated card player on the left in the Met painting.  By the end of the exhibit, I think I will be there weekly!

This exhibit was organized by the Courtauld Gallery in London and the Met.  The best coverage is on the Courtauld website, with 3 short podcasts.  The 5 Card Player paintings and the preparatory paintings and drawings are considered to be part of Cezanne's most important work. 



Lovely drawings and a well spent day. You are lucky to have Judy as a friend.

Great sketches and what sounds like a wonderful time with a sketching friend!

I so admire you for taking advantage of the museums. The sketches reflect your special visit.

Great violins, and I recognize the guy from the painting! Great job.

I thought that might have been you that went with Judy! Well done on these!

I've always been fascinated by the shape of violines and string instruments, and you've drawn them perfectly. I only realized how hard it was to draw them until I actually did it.
I love that sketch of the card player too

These graceful lines are not unlike the human body, Shirley. I can see why you would enjoy sketching them. Elegant instruments.

Great violins Shirley,they are such hard things to draw, it must be great to have such a wonderful choice of museums

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