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Another Project

Almost 2 1/2 years ago I took a weekend book binding class to learn how to make a cased-in watercolor sketchbook.  Before that I was recycling old books, using their covers and sewing in watercolor paper signatures.  But I wanted to learn how a full watercolor journal was made by a skilled bookbinder. 

The book we made in class is bigger than any I used previously and too big for me to use as my daily sketchbook.  So I decided to dedicate it to paintings of my apartment.   But somehow the project became too precious.  I added only one page in 2009 and one page in 2010 and I constantly put off using it because I don't want to spoil it.  I need help and an attitude readjustment. 

Here are my two pages:


Our living room fireplace 


An antique golden oak draftsman's table  - now used for storage of supplies


An Intervention. That's what you need. With wine. A coupla glasses each, at least. Then we'll splash some paint around.

Very lovely Shirley. I really like how you colored the parts to be focused, and leave the background white with just plain lines... it's a very nice way to draw eyes to the main subject. =)

I am extremely good at helping with creative attitudinal adjustments. I don't even charge for this service though of course, there is quite a large price to pay!

aaahhh ... the mental problem of precious paper (or a precious project. Difficult to overcome, but once it is done, the drawings will surely flow. I think your concept is wonderful and I agree with Alex about the coloured and white areas. It really works. Perhaps you could draw on an object that fits within the theme, but one that you already feel oh so comfortable drawing.

Shirley! We have the SAME DESK, though mine has the drawers on the left instead. Love it in the corner like that...what a wonderful project.

Hmmmm, attitude adjustment, eh? Have you read "When Wanderers Cease to Roam"? It's a delightful little book, and focuses so much on her delight in her found home, and the objects therein. It might inspire you.

Home is such a precious place, a refuge, a place of peace and creativity...you'll get past your block and celebrate yours in that book, I know. You've already got such a wonderful start!

Oh I do sympathise - I have trouble with prescious books too. I think what you have done so far is great and maybe you could try something which would remove the terror of the white page - Tia, http://tiastudio.blogspot.com/ a sketcher from Urban Sketchers adds splshy splotches of watercolour to her pages BEFORE she draws anything, that might be an idea, or I have just been using some Noodlers Lexington Grey ink and I found the lighter colour made me much freer when I was sketching - 'wrong' lines seemed less of an issue somehow and I found myself drawing much more loosely - black is so definite isn't it? Or how about doing a blind contour or two, or drawing with your non-dominant hand? If you draw without looking or using the other hand you can't judge yourself for not being perfect - at least, I find this works!

Now, Shirley. You've found a reason to fear that book. Go draw your closet or a kitchen utensil. Don't make the book so precious. Go forth and conquer.

I like these...why don't you do some more and fill that sketchbook up...I dare you!!

These are so wonderful and I agree with Alex about the balance of color and line, it's brilliant! I can't offer any advice on continuing as I also have unfinished sketchbooks and projects that I find it difficult to return to. But I did enjoy reading all of the suggestions you have already received and will try to remember them for myself :-)

These are really lovely. I'm going to have to check into Carla Sonheim's project! nancy

I'll be back to read all the wonderful explanations you get from this...since I have nothing but unfinished sketchbooks around here! They always get to this point, where they become too precious! These are lovely sketches; I hope you are able to add more soon!

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