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Product of my Bookbinding Class


Last weekend I took a book binding class, specifically to learn how to make my own journal covers.  I love recycling books and will probably still continue to use old book covers, but I'm trying to be more versatile as I search for the perfect watercolor journal.

I took the class with Mindy Beloff, at her New York City studio called Studio on the Square.  There were two pupils so we received wonderful individual attention.  This is the front of the 11" by 7" journal.  The indentation on the front can be used to apply a label - or remain as a design element.  The end papers (shown below) are beautiful, hand marblized paper.  There are 4 signatures, each with two folios of Arches 140 lb CP watercolor paper.  My recycled books, and instructions for making them, can be accessed by looking at the bookbinding category on the right hand side of the blog home page.



Oh what a beautiful book! And with my favorite watercolour paper in it! And that end paper - it´s mesmerizing! You are going to love this book! I bind my own sketchbooks too, and I´m taking a marbling class this weekend to learn how to make those awesome end papers. :)

Shirley, your book is beautiful! You must've impressed yourself! *lol* You have certainly impressed me. You will have a lot of fun filling it with your watercolors.

Ooooh, Shirley, that's gorgeous. You did a wonderful job...what a joy to work in that book will be...

Wow this is great...

SUPER SUPER, Shirley -- and so pretty!! I've taken a number of these classes and they can become as addictive as painting!!!! I can't wait to see how you'll use these!

Oh Shirley this is so professional and fabulous - How I wish I could have attended with you - I hope you can share more details. (and I don't know what happened, I thought I commented on this a few days ago?) hope this posts!

WOW! They're beautiful!!! I can SO see you making more and more books till they don;t fit in your house anymore!

Nice job, shirley - it's a beautiful book!

Hello Shirley. I recently discovered your blog and have so enjoyed it and your sketches. Can you tell me the name of the workshop that you took with Mindy Beloff? Was it "Classic Bookbinding", "Bookbinding for Artists and Photographers", or another?
Also, can you recommend a beginner's sketching workshop?

Deborah Silver

It really is a lovely book .... I think I might be afraid to use it! lol nancy

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