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Sonheim Drawing Lab - 100 Faces (32-38)

I am still slowly working my way through the Carla Sonheim Drawing Lab entitled 100 Faces.  The majority of these are sketched on the bus or subway in New York City.  Among these six, however, there is one of Howard Jacobson, the author of the Finkler Question.  I was watching a YouTube video of him talking about his book and couldn't resist drawing his interesting face and hat.

I still haven't gotten past #40 Face - this is a slow project for sure....



Beautifully drawn Shirley! You brought out all the distinctive features of the faces so well. For some reason, when I do faces from memory, they all become 'cartoonish' ^^
Thanks for your comments

You're doing well, all have their own character. Do they know you're drawing them?

my question too - do they know?
really nicely observed- love those fluffy hats.

I really enjoyed looking at these. I was sketching people on the subway the other day on my way to Brooklyn. I did 4 people in about 40 minutes - but no paint, just pencil. The hardest part, for me, was not openly staring in public. I'd have to look up, glance around, stop and look a bit harder at them and then continue glancing around. And then sketch some more. Even with all of that, some people did notice me. It's hard to do!

Your face practice is coming along great! I am impressed you can capture 'distinct' looks in a relatively short period of time. Faces have always been a weakness for me. Perhaps this would be a good class to try.

Whatever pace you are working at, seems just perfect. A good challenge that I might consider. Well, maybe 25 faces for a start.

Wonderful faces, all so unique! I like to draw from youtube videos too. I can get practice without worrying they'll notice me, yet they're moving just like they would if I were sketching them from life!

I am very impressed with your faces.

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