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Never Ending Rice Mice

Henry (7), Sydney (5), and Callum (3) were here overnight on Saturday and two more Rice Mice were born.  Sydney now has 3 and Callum has 2.  Syd was able to sit on my lap and work the foot pedal on the sewing machine while I steered, and then pour the rice into the body using a funnel.  Callum picked out the fabric, the eyes, the tail and poured in the rice.  Both snuggled with their mice and happily carried them home.

Regular readers of this blog know that these mice are very special to me, and many of you ordered the book of pen drawings, poems, and patterns after my last posting.  Thank you.  Ann Goodman Hays was thrilled with the response and proceeds continue to go to the Gunvor Refetoff Art Program at the University of Chicago lab school.


Here is Sydney with her latest mouse.  She selected a piece of hand painted fabric from my quilting stash.



Callum has trouble standing still for a photo, but crawled under a dining room chair to admire his mouse and I was able to take this picture.


Happy Thanksgiving to Americans who celebrate this holiday across the world. 


Your two newest Rice Mice are lovely!

What fun! I'll bet those are very loved rice mice!

Oh, what cute little mousies! I love that velvet guy (his buddy Callum is really cute, too). I wonder, if I had rice mice, whether the real mice would invade and eat the rice mice...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing again!

I am a bit behind. Great mice! You can tell the children love them. I think your yupo experiments are great and have a real style, and I love your sketches from the illustrator lecture night. You do wonderful and varied work.

Well the rice mice are delightful but your grandchildren are absolute beauties! What wonderful photos. I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

very cute mice and photos and grandchildren!

The rice mice are cute, but the grandchildren are adorable. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your inspirational blog.

The mice are cute!!! =) And you drew them so well... I am sure you're a proud grandma, the grandkids seem so nice and they are beautiful =)

These rice mice are adorable! Beautiful sketches and loved seeing your grandchildren with their own creations made by you. Thanks for sharing.

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