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Rice Mice Are Nice Mice - and How To Make One

WARNING:  This is a long Post

Several years ago, I posted photos and journal pages about Rice Mice that I made for Christmas decorations and for my grand children's stockings.

Here is the link:  http://www.paperandthreads.com/2008/12/the_wife_of_one_of.php

Most of the important information about the origin of these handmade toys and my love of them is in that blog post and very important to the rest of the story.

I had so many requests for information about where to buy the book, that I contacted Dr. Sam Refetoff and met with him and his current wife Heather when they were visiting New York City and plans began to update and publish a new edition of the book.  Heather worked with Ann Goodman Hayes, one of the original co-authors, and I closely followed the progress of the project.  The 2nd Edition is now available.


To obtain copies, contact Ann Hayes:  annhayes@ionsky.com 

I read all of the poems in the book to my grand children, ages 3, 5, and 7, this weekend over breakfast and once again needed to make a Rouse Mouse - singular of Rice Mice. 

There are new poems in this edition and lovely line drawings.  Here is one I thought was appropriate for this blog.


And here is happy Sydney, still in her nightgown this morning, with her new mouse.  She selected the fabric, buttons, and tail from my plentiful stash and then worked with me right up to the point where we added the rice.


And here are the photos of the furry little creature. 




Oh dear! Too cute! And timely, as I was just going to look for the instructions you sent me some time [years] ago!

It's adorable! I am happy that Sydney loves it.. I mean, where can you find a pink mouse right? =) Just way too unique

too cute! you made it? Great job!!!

As usual Shirley, a lovely little mouse (working with the fur must have been a little fiddly)...and a lovely little grandaughter! I like the tail...what did you use? I will email Ann and get a copy or two.

It's not such a long post really but it is a good one. Very interesting story. I'll have to think about buying one. You didn't mention how much the books go for. Glad Sydney loves hers. It's so nice when the kids today have experience of handmade items. It seems the Rice Mice have become a tradition in your household.

I love these! I've sent off the e-mail!

These are so cute!!!! The mouse and the young girl match perfectly.

Wonderful, useful and personal content, as well as sweet, eye-catching sketches. Rice Mice are Nice Mice is a warm-hearted gift for a child. Reading about Gunvor reminded me how special some friends are. And that there are amazing friends out there who realize and honor them long after their passing.

Now, back to the presses to keep up with the demand!

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