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Collioure from Chasing Matisse

I love Matisse and will never forget the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit entitled Matisse: The Fabric of his Dreams His Art His Textiles.  I'm sure that part of my love is his use of colors and patterns.  

James Morgan's book, Chasing Matisse, was a natural for me.  It is about a year long journey for James and his wife Beth following Matisse's steps from his birthplace, through Paris, Venice, then Southern France to Morocco, and back to Nice.  The section of the book about Collioure, France was fascinating because of the light and colors described by Morgan.  Along the Chemin de Fauvres in Collioure, there are 20 reproductions at sites where Matisse and Derain completed these paintings. 

I looked up Collioure on Google maps to find its exact location, and in the process found a photo  which just begged to be drawn and painted. 



Very nice little painting! I love the wonderful colors in it. nancy

Your power of observation is such a key in your art. You obviously enjoy everything that you do! Keep up the good work. I love being inspired.

That sounds like a good book. Your drawing is wonderful!

I love this. You always manage to capture so much without overworking.

Somehow this piece makes me miss Germany. Of course I won't lie, I really miss home and it just struck me really hard that I've been away for such a long time now.

This is wonderful and I love the idea of maybe doing your own Matisse Chase using google maps! I also found it interesting that you like Matisse so much. Your fountain sketch (I think, with dancing maidens??) reminds me of his La Danse!

Beautiful! I had a friend who did a painting of the houses in Jamaica and they were colorful as well. This is very pleasing to the eye. Nice work!

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