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Every Day in May - 5

Last night I sketched 3 posemaniac.com figures in 5 minutes each using the 9B woodless pencil and stump recommended by Rankin in his Fast Sketching Techniques book.  I enjoyed fast sketching and equally fast shading with the stump, but this morning realized that my new figure sketchbook is too big for my scanner!  Yikes! 




They look good - I'm still trying to find the book at a reasonable cost (translation: a cost I can afford!). nancy

Wonderful job, Shirley! I have that book. Maybe I should pull it back out and look at it again!

You do a great job with life drawing. I also admire your ability to work through art instruction books. I was able to teach myself to quilt using books, but I am not able to translate that to art books. I wish I knew why.

Nicely done! I look forward to hearing more about the book as you go through it, to see if it's something I might want to invest in (not that I'm done with Dodson yet, but you can never have too many art instruction books, right?)

The are great Shirley. YOu have created some beautiful and unique books and stamps. I really like the one with the postage markings. YOur monthly group sounds fun . I would like to explore bookbinding and making one day and have a friend who is willing to show me how, but I know I will like it a lot. I spend all of my spare time sketching and do noy have time for another addictive interest !

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