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Everyday in May - 4

Our  Journal Study Group met yesterday and we all made 3" by 5" books using a prototype that Gwen Diehn sent to me after she spent an afternoon with us in March.  The stick goes through 3 loops, keeping the accordion spine closed.  There are 8 pages of watercolor paper to use inside.  I plan to put more of my pregnant model stamps on the pages inside and then have a surprise hidden on the spine.  I'll take photos when I'm finished.

 I just LOVE cute little books!




Magnifique! I love those books too and plan to make more.

So cool!

Can't wait to see the pictures! This is a wonderful sketch!

Who doesn't love this? ^^ My wife just bought a Moleskine notebook to write down her poems and all. She likes to play with words more than paintbrush, and I think it's a great start!

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