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Weekend with Annabelle

We spent last weekend with our son's family in Washington DC - belatedly celebrating Annabelle's 2nd birthday.  I started keeping a watercolor sketchbook for her when she was born, and try to complete one daily journal page during our visits.  Previous pages can be seen here.

Annabelle and her Daddy on a walk:



Her new birthday scooter and helmet from cousins Robbie and Zach:




adorable. Great idea too.

What a great idea to keep a journal of your visits with your darling granddaughter! They are lovely and precious, and I know you will both enjoy looking at it for many years! What a treasure. nancy

Ahhh! such treasured moments.

Sweet picture of Annabelle and her daddy!

Wonderful sketches and such a sweet idea to make the sketchbook for her, she'll treasure it for sure.

I love this sketchbook. I wish I had thought of that with my niece!

Just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoy your sketchbooks and how they have inspired me during the past year or so since I subscribed to your blog. I just got back from the Alabama Folk School and I believe I met a friend of yours, Sarah (I think from Birmingham). She was showing us her watercolor journals and spoke about you and your blog and I told her I had been reading your blog for some time now. Her journals were amazing and I would like to thank all of you who share your work with those of us who are struggling beginners.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Good art and journals.

Beautiful illustration Shirley! I really like how you drew the backs of a toddler being held by an adult, it has such deep meaning in it ^^

Thanks you for this diary so much .I come from Poland ,(I'm studying in high school) so I think my English don't be so good ...(sorry for mistakes). This is wonderful idea ,to paint memories and I will do it's .
P.S Great polish writer MaƂgorzata Musierowicz ,painted almost the same.http://www.musierowicz.com.pl/

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