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Bronzino Drawings at the Met

I love the drawings of Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572) and today joined my friend Melly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to draw some of them for the second time.  My first drawings were posted here.  The exhibit ends April 18th. so I will even have time to return for more.  All of the drawings were done with a Caran d'Ache aquarelle pencil (Mahogany).

 Study for his painting Jealousy - and for me More Hand Drawing Practice:


Head of a Young Woman - and for me the challenge was getting the correct angle for the head: 


Study of Crossed Legs - and for me lots of crosshatching for shading



I was browsing your blog and your figure drawings are getting quite good. I love the idea of drawing the sign language positions for a study of hands, and thanks for introducing me to Picasso One-Liners. I love doing line work for building creativity.

Very nice - you chose difficult poses and did a fine job with them. You did an especially good job with the legs - your molding of the muscles and tendons is very good. The study for jealousy must have been really difficult. You did a great job with the hands (which I think are very difficult to do), and the head is proportioned just right. Well done! nancy

Your legs are excellent (I just had to phrase it like that!) - looks like a very productive visit to me.

Wonderful drawings! The hands cradling the head really portray tension, and the legs have a lovely musculature.

Beautifully drawn hands and facial expressions. Love the shading too :) an impressive speed sketching

Great sketches, I really love the shading on the legs.

Those drawings look vaguely familiar...

Great sketches! The legs are spot on. Very nice done all of them.

Really great job.

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