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Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators

Last night was my monthly session at figure drawing.  Since they are held twice each week, I can usually find at least one night to go each month.  The format remains the same - two models in ten 2 minute poses, four 5 minute poses, two 10 minute poses, and three 20 minute poses while sketching with wine and live jazz.  I sat in a different area of the room last night and wrestled with the angle during most of the 2 minute poses.  Here are a few from the 5, 10, and 20 minute poses.  I'm still sketching with plain graphite.

5 minutes:



5 Minutes:



10 Minutes:



20 Minutes:



20 Minutes:




You are getting really good at this! Great figure drawings! I went to a class like this years ago - it was so wonderful. (My wife didn't like it too much - I did one wild pastel and that was that). Miss it. :) Keep it up!

The shadings and the proportions are great! Awesome result in such short period of time. Thank you again for your comments. I showed the shoes to my friend whom I am working with in his little business, and he actually wanted to go and try it ^^ He's 57 years old and have around 7 kids.

These are really impressive - well done!

Oh, you're doing so very well with these! You've got the proportions just right, and your doing a really nice job with the shading. nancy

It looks like you're really having a great time at these sessions! Your sketches are getting better and better! Question: At the end of class, does everyone show their work, or do any critiquing?

You are really doing a great job with life drawing. The shading is really great.

You are doing such a great job with these!!

I see lots of improvement in your life drawing - you are so much freer than before you started. Great job - I was thinking of you the other night while at my life drawing group, so I love seeing this post first thing on your blog.

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