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More Baby Zachary Sketches

I took a few photos when we visited Zachary in the hospital and used them as references for these paintings.   It will be fun to see when my figure sketching skills have improved to the point where I can sketch him better.  So far I sketch my grandchildren from the back because I can't capture their facial features.


Zachary's Baby Quilt:  My daughter-in-law brought me nursery crib linens when she finally found some that she liked.  We decided that I would use a star pattern, like I did for Zach's big brother Robbie's baby quilt.  Robbie's quilt was yellow and blue with an all over star pattern. 

I selected fabrics from my collection, including 3 fabrics that were in his parent's wedding quilt and Robbie's baby quilt.  I love the continuity and did the same for my daughter's wedding quilt and baby quilts for her 3 children.  This was my journal page for the day when I planned the quilt and started the process.


Racing to the Finish:  I needed to speed up the quilting when Zachary arrived one week early, and spent two full days finishing the quilting of the border triangles and attaching the binding.  It is hard to speed up the hand quilting process, it just requires marathon quilting sessions for me while watching old movies on TV!


The Finished Quilt:  I delivered this quilt to my son and his new son Zachary yesterday and it looks wonderful in the baby nursery!  I always feel as if I am wrapping up each and every grandchild in my love - in ways that just add to our bonds.


Annabelle and her parents just arrived from Washington, DC to meet her new cousin.  She is too young to realize that she is not the family baby any longer! 


What a lovely tradition, and a really lovely quilt. Hand-quilted! I've had to give that up for the most part. 20 minutes maximum per session doesn't get one very far. And your new grandson is gorgeous.

I am hesitant to begin my next Guatemala painting...I'm not sure why as I've been enjoying them thus far. Maybe I expect more of myself as I progress on? So I am procrastinating this morning. I come to your post and find tender sketches of baby 'pieces' Maybe because I'm starting a new child portrait, I am sucked into the chubbiness of those little hands and feet. Her ear (on my painting) will be challenging; yours here tells me that I just need to pay close attention and it will develop. The sketches of the quilting also make me reflect. It's been a long time since I've pieced and not sure if I can do it now with my eyesight, but a reminder that everything is a process and comes together piece by piece; even growing families. Congratulations on yet another grand-baby. Lovely quilt!!!

I really love this site!!!
I came across it by chance and I couldn´t stop looking at your drawings. You´re great!!
I specially liked your grandson´s sketches and the flower´s.
Best regards,

Andrea from Argentina: ))

Adorable baby sketches! I love the little feet!
And that is a lovely quilt.

Wow! You work fast! The quilt is beautiful - what a nice family tradition you have. The new baby is already lucky to be surrounded by such nice relatives. Enjoy the little guy.

Wonderful sketches. The little hand and his feet are especially endearing. The quilt is lovely. It's something to be cherished and handed down. Great posting! nancy

Congratulations, Shirley! I've been out of the loop and missed the big news. These baby sketches are really adorable, and I really admire your sewing skills too.

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