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Meetup Central Park Sketching and Drawing Group

Yesterday the Meetup Group met at the Alice in Wonderland Statue at the Conservatory Water (we call it the Toy Boat Pond) in Central Park. 


 I was anxious to get home to our newest grandchild (Zachary), his brother Robbie, and Annabelle who came to meet her cousin Zachary this weekend.  Therefore, I only stayed for two rounds of sketches with the group.  The weather was wonderful and the Park, as I walked past the Boathouse and Bethesda Fountain, was wonderfully crowded.

For my first sketch, I did the Mad Hatter that is on the right front of the statue and painted him while there. 


I then sketched Alice, from the right side of the statue, while drawing and sitting on a bench in the shade.  Only the mushroom was painted then - and I'm not sure whether I will add color.  My heart wants to dress her in a blue dress with a white apron like the children's book character instead of bronze!


My last drawing was of the White Rabbit and his pocket watch - again painted in bronze colors. 


My grandchildren have climbed on this statue many times over the last few years and it was great fun having the inspiration and time to really get to know it through drawing.


You're so luck to live somewhere where there are such wonderful things to draw! Your sketches are sweet and wonderful. I love them! nancy

Shirley, these are great! Loose, flowing, full of feeling!

Delightful sketches. What an excellent plan to draw the figures individually. I can't decide if I like the Mad Hatter or Alice better.

Oh! These are so good! Just wonderful! I do wish I had a group out my way, this seems like fun!

Oh so wonderful! And what great subject matter so close to you.

These are terrific. Well done!

beautiful drawings. The colors are really good,and I like Alice half colored. It must be a great place to go with children.

Fun day! Thanks for spreading the news about the group to me. Your work is wonderful...and I'm still thinking about your GREAT handmade book. That really impressed the socks off me.

oh what a gorgeous statue! lovely sketches
and wow a new grandson - Congratulations! how wonderful...

I like these a lot. You captured the feeling of the story. If you add color to Alice may I suggest just the smallest hint of blue on part of her dress. I do like the bronze effect.

These are great! I have a photo of me a few years back sitting on one of those toad stools! I was wandering Central Park on my own and just happened to stumble across it and asked someone to shoot my picture! I wish I could be part of this group, sounds like it's lots of fun!

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