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Big News for Our Family

Our 6th grandchild, Zachary, arrived late Tuesday night - one week early.  We rushed home from the beach yesterday to meet him!  He looks enough like his Daddy did when he was born that I spent the afternoon remembering that other special day almost 38 years ago.




What a beautiful baby boy! And look at all that gorgeous hair.

He's so beautiful, and just look at all that hair!! Holding a grandchild really does evoke all those feelings we had as new moms (and dads), doesn't it. The whole event is just such a miracle. Congratulations to you and your family. nancy

Oh my goodness, Shirley, he is BEAUTIFUL! (And tiny...*G*)

What fun!! Congratulations to everyone.

He looks so happy being in Grandma'a arms. Congratulations,he is absolutely beautiful! What a joy it is to be a grandmother.

He is so cute! Congratulations!!!!

all I can say is; You are SO blessed! Congratulations to you and the happy parents!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing another family moment with us.

All that Beauty captured in this lovely photograph. Lovely.

How lovely! Congratulations and best wishes for lots of happy times together.

Aawwww! Congrats ... what a lovely large family you have :)

Thank you too for your comment - and I know exactly what you mean ... I came back from the honeymoon to discover that the EDMsuperblog was no more ... so sad! Even the Bloglines EDMblog seems to not work anymore ... It was SUCH the best way to keep up to date with all the EDMers far and wide were doing - especially of those of us who have since strayed on to other pastures ;)

Much love to you AND your extended family ...


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