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Figure Drawing Practice

Learning more about drawing figures and faces is still a primary goal for me in 2009.  One of the members of Everyday Matters (EDM), the online art group that I belong to, posted links to out of print figure drawing books by Andrew Loomis and I'm working my way through the first chapter of Figure Drawing For All Its Worth.

Here are journal pages that I did of ideal male proportions - trying to embed these landmarks in my brain.  The anatomical drawing is a piece of an end paper in this book I recycled.  My angst re: gaps between signatures using 140lb watercolor paper can be seen here.




I love drawing and painting ballet dancers - all from photos because I'm still not able to sketch moving bodies.  This was drawn from a photo in the NY Times last week.  Obviously, I shouldn't have tried adding facial features in this tiny little face - but I'm posting the disappointments as well as the pages that please me.  The drawing inspired us to get Ny City Ballet tickets for February, to brighten an otherwise cold, dreary winter.


I still had to do a daily journal page the other evening, and this painting, on a postcard from a local Manhattan gallery, was sitting right next to me.  I love trying to learn from other artists by copying their lines and painting styles - oil to watercolor conversions.  I didn't know anything about Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, but subsequently learned that he was born in 1935 and is a well known French artist - with a painting in the upcoming Christie's Impressionist and Modern Auction.  Here is my fast copy of his beautiful oil painting.




I love the way you painted this lady. The technique you used gives her a mysterious quality. Great Job!

Your figure studies look wonderful, Shirley. And I agree that we learn a lot by copying artists whose work we admire. You've been so productive lately - you are inspiring me to get to work!

What delightful sketches you have posted here...I love the reference points illustrated in the first two....the ballerina just "floats" on your paper...lovely! The last sketch from the postcard is awesome...such attitude and gorgeous color! What fun!

I always admire your figure skeetches, and this study is excellent, although the last lady is extra exotic and stunning!

One of my favorite posts of yours ever! First, your male model is quite a hunk! I too downloaded that book but have yet to do much with it but someday....

I love the ballet dancer, and even more so because of the features you gave her. It adds a bit of whimsy and personality! That very chic lady at the bottom is so mysterious. You've taken all these different sources for images and given them all your special touch that makes them your own. Wonderful!

I am blown away by the beauty of your watercolour after Cassigneul, Shirley. This style suits you beautifully. I'd love to see you carry it into some of your other figure drawings. I'd love to paint watercolours like this.

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