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EDM Challenges #205 and 206

I usually drink Diet Coke from bottles, but painted the soda can that I could find.  I'm fascinated with the bold words "New York" which appear several times around the rim.  Do cans sold in other cities have a city-specific name?


We spent almost 4 months in the UK, in the aggregate, the year my daughter and her family lived in London.  I was always learning new words for objects, but these remain among my favorites because the British word connotes something entirely different in America.




I'm over here now- but I still call them jumper and braces :) Good job.

I love the colors you used! I'm so glad that I found your blog awhile back, I find inspiration every time I visit you:)

So cool! I never realised you don't have jumpers. Suspenders are what we use to keep our stockings/panthose up! . As usual great sketches:)

Nice illustrations...both! :)

Great sketches-- I am working up to do the soda can. I live in the Boston area, and we don't have any city or state names on cans, that I have noticed. Wonder what's up with that? NY must be special!

Lots of fun here Shirley. I'll never forget the first time I visited a London pen pal. She offered me tea after a long flight. I misunderstood and missed a good snack because I wasn't thirsty. My favorite British expression was one I learned after getting a run in my nylons (can you tell this was long ago?). I went to a department store and explained I wanted a new pair of stocking, and the saleslady said, "Oh, a ladder in your tights!"

Love those colors, Shirley!

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