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Virtual Trip to India

One of my dear friends and her husband spent at least a month visiting their son and his family in India.  I know we will never be there on vacation, so I asked her to share all of her wonderful photos with me.  I plan to slowly look at all of the digital photo albums she shared and to draw and paint some of the people.  Here are my favorite photos from the first 2 albums.






You drew their faces! Excellent! I love the expressions on the faces of the two men in the second picture.

These look like they were done on site, not from virtual travels. Very nice. Were those people barefoot because of going into a mosque? It seems like sketches of India would provide lots of opportunity for brilliant color. Of course that's based on what I've seen in movies and the lovely and colorful saris women wear around here.

What a great idea - and you end up with all these amazing sketches. I really like these.

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