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EDM Challenge #186: Draw Something That You've Always Wanted


This was a very difficult challenge because I immediately thought about "stuff."  But the "stuff" I always wanted a decade, or a year, or a week ago, I either got or no longer want.    I am extremely fortunate that I did get the big things I wanted.  I have a fabulous husband , 3 grown children with wonderful spouses, and 5 grandchildren ages 5 months to 5 years.  I have a medical career AND I am a wife and mother - something considered impossible/improbable when I was developing my dream.  I saw many parts of the US and had an opportunity to live in several regions that partially shaped me:  The Northeast, the Midwest, Southern California, and Texas - and now I live exactly where I want to be for this time in my life - New York City.  And I have always had creative passions and the ability to move among them in cycles to keep me happy and to make things for those I love.  So after a full week contemplating this challenge, and because I am surrounded by many people who have to learn to live with ill-health, I chose to paint my stethoscope and continue to hope that I have "good health."

There are fewer EDM members posting this challenge than most - so I think others must be struggling with it. 



Wonderful. I have had some of the same issues trying to come up with an idea for this challenge. Still working on mine :)

Yes, good health is such a treasure - I'm amazed that so many do so little to preserve it, though of course many are just unlucky. I found a piece of writing from 24 years ago on which I had scribbled a dream of being able to draw! - and now I can :)My daughter has just announced her engagement so maybe I will get grandchildren too.

Perfect Shirely - Perfect! I agree about struggling with this challenge - I too feel so blessed I should want for nothing (and I do not want) you said it all here. And we are old enough to know the best things in life are free and oh so precious.

This has touched a cord with me. I have missed the stethoscope around my neck. I put it away a couple months back. It is hot pink and has purple silly string stuck to it from one time a little one sprayed me with the stuff when I walked into his room. He is gone now but the silly string which melted into the stethoscope was a constant reminder of what I did. My health has always been good except now for the health of my eyes making my world a little harder daily. Yes, you are blessed and I celebrate that!!! I hope you keep on this road for many more years! This is a great sketch and post!

Oh, such a lovely sketch that came out of a lot of thoughtful reflection.

Shirley, you've certainly accomplished a lot in your life---I admire all that you've done! You're quite a person. These recent sketches are so well designed and composed.

Such wonderful thoughts and well stated.

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