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I was playing with Photoshop and my scan of the "Hopper" house painting I did one week ago at the National Gallery of Art - and suddenly this appeared!  I have no idea what I did, but it looked alot like a Halloween haunted house.  Happy Halloween to everyone.  I'm off early tomorrow morning to International Quilt Festival in Houston and then a meeting in Washington DC, leaving my husband home to be with our grandchildren for Halloween "trick or treating."  After one week away from my computer, I will have a full week of catch-up to do. 


FAntastic, Shirley -- yep, a haunted house indeed -- happy halloween!

Just in case you ever want to do it again it looks like you used the "invert" command (under image>adjust). Worked beautifully for this image - I always knew Hopper had a dark side! ;-) Have a great trip - see you in a week.

Now this is cool - you should have it printed up as a Halloween card for next year. Even the writing on the side looks mysterious...

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