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Edward Hopper Exhibit at the National Gallery


Last weekend we visited our son and daughter-in-law in Washington DC and went to the Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery East Wing.  It is a spectacular exhibit - including etchings, watercolors and oil paintings.  I was incredibly impressed, once again, with the contrasts he achieved between light and shadow and decided to copy the master.  This is taken from an oil painting entitled Captain Upton's House.   The exhibit is excellently captured on the National Gallery website


Wowee! What a treat visiting and catching up on your latest drawings. Thanks so much for sharing the info about the show. I hope it travels as I would so love to see it (and I'm not likely to travel myself soon). I loved your various figure drawings, ala Picasso, and yoga and ballet dancers and the good old statue of liberty. Your work is just delightful and how wonderful you've filled all those sketchbooks. I'm envious. I've been bumping my head against oil painting so much that I haven't been doing as much sketching. Once I feel like I've "got it" I'll lighten up but for now my sketching is almost all on canvas.

Shirley! This is absolutely beautiful!! Firm, confident lines, terrific colors, loose and painterly -- BRAVA!

Love this sketch. In fact, I much enjoyed the airy lightness of all the watercolour sketches here on your blog.

I like this, too! I totally agree with Brian! And the toothbrushes made me smile! Well done!

Lovely sketch!!

Amazing depth of value here - I always love your architectural work especially - this is quite lovely.

Shirley, Great drawing of the painting. I usually sketch things in museums or galleries.I'll have to try a painting or photograph. I couldn't find an email so I'll answer the prepped page ? here. I do a watercolor wash on the page before I go out sketching. This is a tip from Mari. I didn't think it would work as you don't know what you might sketch but it does work and sometimes it is quite perfect. Check out Mari's new book. "The Art of Travel with a Sketchbook" by Mari Le Glatin Keis. And her website http://www.artraveljournals.com/index.html By the way I really enjoy your figure drawings. Great gestures. Deborah

This is absolutely beautiful!

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