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Paul Poiret Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


I went back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Paul Poiret fashion exhibit again yesterday with out of town friends.  These garments were from the first several decades of the 20th century, but avant garde for their times and still wearble.  The hats were fantastic and rarely seen today, so I chose to sketch the mannequins with the best hats.  I'm still trying to do fast loose, figure sketches, so this was a perfect journal page for the day.   

When I saw the exhibit for the first time I carefully recorded colors and painted the sketch when I got home.  Yesterday I didn't have time to really look at colors, so I'm leaving these as line drawings.


Lovely - you've certainly caught the different hat styles and shapes of drapes.

Lovely sketches, Shirley. I especially like the one furthest to the right - what personality!

I like the line drawings and they are nice and loose. I agree with alison..wiht only a few lines, you've captured great differnces in pose and styles. Great!

I like the looseness of the lines too. Great job of quickly capturing it poses. The styles of the hats come across very well too, although I would love to see the some of the colors and details in them on another drawing.

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