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London Visits: Last Pages in Sketchbook #3

There were several empty pages at the end of my 3rd London sketchbook so I decided to work from photos to fill the journal. 


Horseguard:  We finally walked by the Horseguards on Whitehall one of our last days in London and I was able to take a quick photo amid the crowds all having their pictures taken standing next to the horse.   


Duke of York Square Sculpture:  There are actually two pupils as separate sculptures.  I loved the boy leaping over the bollard and didn't especially like the girl sitting on a bench watching him, so I only sketched him.  This piece by Allister Bowtell was commisioned in 2003 for the bicentennial of the Royal Military Asylum.  We walked by it every time we walked to Sloane Square, making it an important memory of our year-long visit in Chelsea. 


I loved this drawing of Geurcino's at the Courtauld exhibit and copied it to create a two page spread at the very end of Journal #3 - the drawing on the left page and  Callum's birth announcement on the right page.  His birth in London in December was one of the highlights of the year for everyone.


Great fitting, finale to this sketchbook, although I am sure you will return to London. You captured the leaping boy beautifully and the horse is an interesting 45 degree angle and you kept him well balanced (I know, horses alone can be difficult ) I have been in the mountains of Maine for 3 days, coming home tomorrow but I have pieced together some sketching with my reflections of this state and that time and intensive sketching has been very productive and informative. Have a great Sunday!

These are great - but I'm sad to see the end of the London sketchbook! Now you'll have to start a Paris one ...
My favorite from all your London sketches I think is the top one here - excellent work and the horse came out beautifully.

These are LOVELY, Shirley!! Now that you've finished one sketchbook, you'll have to get another and begin your trips all anew!! What fabulous memories between covers!

Great sketches both of them...I like the fun you've captured with the boy leaping!

What a great idea for a sculpture and you've sketched it beautifully.

Great sketches!

You can't go to London without doing a horse guard! Now you've got one of the essential impressions of London...you can see some more on my blog today. I managed to capture a unique photo - Horseguards on Horseguards!

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