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EDM Challenge # 127 : Draw a Skyscape


We were riding up WhiteHall in the front seat on the top deck of a #11 bus when I took this photo of storm clouds gathered over Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery.  During most of our recent visit, black clouds alternated with sunshine and there were periodic drenching rains.   


I love it! I recognized it right away and thought..."oh, I've been here...where is it again?" and then realized I've too seen Trafalger Sq. under dark skies. I love your building sketches so much. The line is always smooth and easy; something that I can't seem to achieve. I too, like you have been inspired to start doing more people and took advantage of family this weekend at a family gathering. Of course they were all art critics this weekend as well...LOL!

Awesome job... Definitely conveys the feeling of storm clouds... I also like your use of line... I'm having a dicken's of a time with mine...


Very nice Shirley, I can feel the cool clam-ie sky and the architecture is Definiely Yours.

Wonderful sketch Shirley. And a bit of geography makes it even more fun.

How disappointing about the weather, Shirley but it's given you a very elegant and dramatic sketch!

Shirley, this is lovely. So moody and expressive!

Love the almost monochrome! It's so moody ... really nice job! I have the tune "a foggy day in london town" running through my head! grin! Cheers! Mary Ellen

nice drawing... love the lines in the architecture, very nice sketch. seems like you have talent.
i'll be back soon to have a look at your older posts, gave it a glance at the moment and i like what i see.
untill next time.
bittersweet kisses.

Great sketches on all your recent posts Shirley. I enjoyed your sketchcrawl sketches as well, it looks like the three of you had a great time...wonderful work from all of you!

You really captured that gloomy, stormy feeling. Lovely!

I missed this one - and it's lovely! You've really captured that before-the storm feeling (which I know only too well lately).

this stuff is lovely. i recognize those london skies. i like the gentle and playful nature of these sketches, and there are so many to look at!

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