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EDM Challenge #116: Draw Something Green


EDM Challenge #116: Draw Something Green:  I searched all week for something green that was interesting and exciting enough for me to use for this challenge.  I gathered up my apartment green objects for my Color Project Green month last year, so I was more interested in finding something in another environment.  Today I went over to the new Greek-Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and sketched the south end of the gallery for an hour.  Then as soon as I started to wander around the space, I found wonderful Roman glass from the 1st C. A.D.  This green glass vessel is only 6 inches high, but so beautiful!




This. Is. Awesome.


If I did a sketch with this much detail, my head would explode. :) To see someone else do one has all my admiration and awe ... Cheers! Mary Ellen

I love your gallery sketch

OH that glass vessel is so cool! You draw architecture very nicely too. :)

Great drawings shirley...love the architectural one!Great colors used on you glass and the gallery.

makes me want to go to NYC again and re-visit the Met.Museum! I can't decide which one I like best. I'm impressed with the detail and point of view of the gallery but the vase is lovely and the colors really beautiful.

Wow, this is wonderful, Shirley. You have so much patience - you've done an incredible job on this. I like your green glass vessel as well.

I must add my awe to the others. Your architecture is both convincing and "loose" at the same time.

Shirley - the colour of the ancient glass is perfect. I think your sketch of the museum interior is fabulous - I would have fainted just looking at it!

This glass is the most interesting and beautiful that I've seen. The sketch of the interior is awesome as well. Great job!

I like both your green bottle and the architectural sketch. Both are beautiful!

I love museums and find endless inspiration in them. It's also one of the few places that I don't feel embarrassed to sketch in. Love the painting of the glass jug!

What a yummy sketch of the glass vessel. I love the shape and color.

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