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January 29, 2009

Virtual Travel Sketchbook - India

I love my friend Bunny's photos from her trip to India and look forward to sketching and painting some of these interesting people in their beautifully colored clothes.  It is a joy to look at her albums for specific photos for my figure drawing practice.  This year, as I practice, I will continue to add faces to my figures.  Older readers of this blog may remember that I sketched figures or faces, but never together, through much of 2008.

View from the Bus - Delhi to Jaipur Road:


Man in Village Next to Samode Palace:


Jaipur - Elephant Ride to Amber Fort:


I still have several more figures that I would like to paint from Album #3 - and then 12 more albums to go!   Thanks again Bunny.

January 19, 2009

Virtual Trip to India

One of my dear friends and her husband spent at least a month visiting their son and his family in India.  I know we will never be there on vacation, so I asked her to share all of her wonderful photos with me.  I plan to slowly look at all of the digital photo albums she shared and to draw and paint some of the people.  Here are my favorite photos from the first 2 albums.





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