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No Masks and Reopening a State?

What is Happening in This Country?

I was physician on a medical school faculty and spent half of my career in Texas and the remaining half in New York City.  Therefore I believe in science like the infectious disease scientists, epidemiologists, and and public health advisors.  Dr. Tony Fauci said "the U.S. shouldn't ease restrictions in place to prevent Covid-19 before the number of new coronavirus cases falls below 10,000 daily, and maybe even considerably less than that.  The US should pull restrictions gradually, after a substantial number of people are vaccinated."  Some states, like Texas are discontinuing their mask mandates and opening their state completely.  I have no idea what they think will happen.  While the country is in the midst of vaccinating people as fast as possible, the country should be trying to lower the number of cases per day to prevent deaths.

Right now the US is vaccinating 2 million people per day, but there are 55,000-70,000 new cases per day.  The number of cases were decreasing since January, but last week the drop stalled, and there is now great concern that there will be another big surge, probably due to the B.1.1.7 UK variant which is present in 46 states, Puerto Rico and Washington DC.  Last summer, as some states reopened much too quickly, there was a big surge in the number of cases and deaths.  Even businesses in Texas aren't willing to end their mask mandates.  And people living in those states can continue to wear their masks!  They should rebel if they ever want to return to our pre-pandemic lives.       Read Below 


The UK variant has spread widely in this country and is more transmissible and reported to cause even more severe disease.  In addition, the South African and Brazil variants are here, and when the masks and social distancing decrease, and group activities increase, the variant will spread quickly.  Scientists report that increased viral replication increases the rate of mutation and eventually another variant will emerge that will elude our vaccines.  Does anyone understand the rationale of some Governors in the US?  Another surge in the number of cases will only further delay the control of the pandemic  - which they are ignoring. 

Dr. Rochelle Wallensky, our new head of the CDC, said Thursday "state officials must continue to emphasize the wearing of masks and encourage everyone to roll up their sleeve for the vaccine when it's available to them."  That is the way to defeat this virus.  I'm so disappointed in Texas, a place with wonderful scientific institutions and amazing hospitals. I'm having trouble understanding the other states who are following Texas into the darkness.


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