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May 14, 2019

Drawn, Not Painted

These are homework drawings from the Sketchbook Skool online class People Drawing People.   These have been busy weeks and I just need a morning to sit down with a hot cup of coffee to paint them with watercolor.  I'm really enjoying this class and all of the demos by individual artists.  The demos are 4-10 minutes long for each artist, but they talk the entire time they are drawing, and it is an amazing glimpse into their thought processes. 

Kettle Drums and Drummer at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center


 Starbucks at Barnes and Noble Book Store


May 10, 2019

FIT Experimental Textile Screen Print #5

This was our final Screen Print project for the Semester:  We could use any screen print technique from the semester, on fabric, but we also had to add foil to the fabric.  I used screen filler and a 3 color reduction print and then added foil to the 3 squares.  The foils don't show up in photos like this.  See the foils below. 



Foils:  I passed foil paste through my screen in the square areas, let it dry, and then pressed the foil to the fabric with a 375 degree press. 



This was a paper collage I made in the Matisse Cut-Out Studio at MoMA.  The series of collages I made there inspired 2 of my projects at FIT.



May 7, 2019

People Drawing People: Sketchbook Skool May 3, 2019

Figure Drawing with a Live Model

This week in the Sketchbook Skool online People Drawing People Course, the theme was foreshortening.  In this 20 minute pose our model rested her head on her hand and her face was foreshortened in a way I've never drawn before.  I sketched the model with a General Sketch and Wash Pencil for the first part and then used a waterbrush to spread the graphite to areas I wanted to shade.


May 3, 2019

Practicing Figure Drawing with the Masters

I am currently taking the Sketchbook Skool 5 week online course People Drawing People.  This week I joined artist friends at 2 NYC art exhibits: Self-Portraits at Neue Gallerie and Lucien Freud at Acquavella Gallery.  I chose a self-portrait drawing by Egon Schiele to copy because the hands were great.  And I chose one of only several figure drawings in the Freud exhibit - Big Sue Tilley.  She was floating in space in his drawing, so I added a big chair for her.

Egon Schiele:  Self Portrait with Hand Twisting Around Head  Graphite Drawing



Lucien Freud:  Big Sue Tilley  Ink Drawing



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