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April 19, 2019

Bookbinding 101 - Long Stitch Leather Books

I am sharing my knowledge of bookbinding with a friend, and this month we each made 3 leather long stitch books.  I only made two previously, in 2013, and we had to work out many of the details re: making a jig and then punching the leather.  I bought 8 pieces of shoe leather scraps for about $1 each and only had used 2.  We split the other 6 and each made 3 books.  The maximal size possible was 7" high.

I used Mohawk 24lb extra-white paper that I purchased on sale at Talas - 100  sheets for $5 - and was delighted that the only pen out of a combination of ballpoints and drawing pens that bled through the paper was a Sharpie.    They were 8 X 10" and grain short.

These are my 3 books:


These are the spines - photographed while wedged between 2 bricks wrapped in plastic as bookbinding weights.



Spring Weekend

We were out of town and relaxing, and there was a furry sheep in the room which just needed to be drawn and painted.  I love seeing the huge beds of daffodils that are everywhere in New York City - announcing Spring.  This daffodil was one that I couldn't resist.  Now we are surrounded by tulips that are just bursting open and the range of colors is eye-candy!






April 15, 2019

Notre Dame in Paris is Burning

The Notre Dame fire is heartbreaking.  As I type this and repost my painting of the rear of Notre Dame, I'm watching the TV coverage of the ongoing fire which has destroyed the spire, and led to the collapse of the roof.  We first visited Notre Dame in 1970, and still remember the organ concert from that Day.  We almost never visited Paris without entering Notre Dame.  On our most recent visit in 2014, I spent an hour on a beautiful sunny October day sketching Notre Dame from the quay on Ile St. Louis.  This is heartbreaking.  Commentators and city officials are currently describing the role of the ceiling in holding up the stone walls.  They are beginning to wonder if the cathedral can be saved.


April 12, 2019

WILLIAM KENTRIGE ar Marian Goodman Gallery Until Apr 20th

William Kentridge Exhibit at Marian Goodman Gallery (24 W 57th St, NYC)

Go see this exhibit before April 21st.  I first saw a Kentridge exhibit a MoMA many years ago, and then the Met Exhibit of one of his movies - which was projected around the walls of a big gallery.  This is the one of the more recent exhibits of his I've seen at the Marian Goodman Gallery.  There are many charcoal drawings, sculptures of various sizes, and an 18 minute movie, made with his drawings, that we LOVED - called KABOOM.  I sketched one of about a dozen die cut, table size sculptures with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  With artist friends, we spent almost two hours in this exhibit!  A record....


April 9, 2019

Juilliard Jazz Orchestra Concert at Alice Tully Hall

Last week my husband and I went to the last Juilliard Jazz Orchestra concert of the year at Alice Tully Hall.  We love the amazing skills and knowledge of these young musicians, and the quality of the performance is as good as any we've heard.  I sketched just the 3 musicians that were directly in front of me - otherwise there were too many music stands blocking my view, and I wanted to sketch them with their instruments.  Wynton Marsalis was the Conductor, although he just spoke to the audience before each half, and had the musicians introduce each piece of music and "conduct" themselves.


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