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Non-Dominant Hand Drawings and My Cool Cast

I now have a cool cast for my Colles Wrist Fracture.  The white portion is a gortex liner against my skin.  The cast is black - what else for a New Yorker?  It goes with our black clothes!  My major problem is my inability to comb, curl, or twist up my hair with a clippie.  My husband is learning how to put an elastic on for a pony tail, and that is as far as we've gotten.



Thanks for all of the comments yesterday regarding my wrist fracture.  So many "art friends" recommended drawing with my non-dominant hand, and I decided it was worth a try.  My Grandson and I spent several hours looking at my Family History Binders because he wanted to know how I found the information.  Then he wanted to draw, so I joined him. 

Here are my first attempts- drawn on scrap paper with ink.  I went slowly, drawing random objects in the dining room, one photo of a model, and some letters.


I love drawing on these copy paper scraps (1/4th of a sheet) because I have no expectation.  I will enjoy looking through my bookbinding books to find a fun way to keep them together for this period of time.   


You forget how many things you need more than one hand to be able to do. Your non-dominant hand sketches are pretty good. Hope the wrist heals quickly.

Pretty impressive drawings!!

I feel for you. I damaged my dominant hand in a fly swatting accident (don't ask) but did some fun pen and wash drawings with the other. Hope you're back to normal soon. All the best, Peter

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