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Non-Dominant Hand Drawings Mar 29

I now have a wonderful sketchbook sent to me by my friend Maureen.  She added an outline of a left hand on the cover - my injured wrist - and added words on the spine re: drawings by my non-dominant hand.  I'll photograph it and post it here soon.  For now I am posting my 3 drawings done yesterday, in my kitchen, after breakfast.  I am starting with objects from my environment, and have no idea where it will lead me.  Hopefully I'll be out of the apartment more next week.

In the top drawing I was concentrating on shapes, and after making the lines of circles, I decided to add a profile to make it my hair, since it is my main failure as I approach life with a wrist fracture.  




These were all drawn of !/4 size sheets of copy paper because I need low stakes drawing experiences as I begin this project.  I'm not ready to draw in my new book yet.  Maybe tomorrow.... 


So glad you aren't letting your injury stop you. Your non-dominant hand drawings are pretty good.

Shirley, I had shoulder surgery last year and for 6 weeks could not use my dominant hand. My doctor said I could pick up "nothing more than a pen." So I decided to teach myself to draw with my non-dominant hand. I had a wonderful time, and I'd love to share them with you. If I could find an email address for you, I would send them. I posted them on my blog last year, but I don't know how to access any that far back. (sketchersinprogvence.wordpress.com) I also make recycled books using your (adapted) method, and they are on my Etsy store: BlueVaseBooks. I have followed you for years and enjoy your blog. Good luck with your wrist and new non-dominant drawings!

See, you can do it!!!

You rock!
Don't let the injury get you down and enjoy the looseness of gesture drawing with your non-dominant hand, if you can. Feel better soon.


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