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April 11, 2017

Chelsea Gallery Visits May 7th

My friend Pat and I visited a few galleries in Chelsea last week,  and sketched at several of them.

DAVID ZWIRNER:  Alice Neel Uptown through April 22nd

Photo of Alice Neel (1900-1984)  Alice Neel was primarily a portrait painter of people who lived in her neighborhoods in Spanish Harlem and the Upper Westside of Manhattan.


Her Portrait of Ron Kajiwara 1971


My Painting inspired by her "Ballet Dancer" 


Romare Bearden(1911-1988)  Bayou Fever and Related Works at DC MOORE GALLERY through April 29th: A large exhibit of his watercolor paintings and 21 collages he created for a dance called Bayou Fever.  Many of my favorite pieces are a combination of watercolor and collage. 



And my painting inspired by one of his collage characters from Bayou Fever 



RBKitaj (1932-2007) The Exile at Home:  An illustration at MARLBOROUGH CONTEMPORARY which closed this past weekend.  I loved an exhibit of his work at a museum in Berlin in 2012, but didn't like these paintings as much.


Max Ernst (1891-1976) Big Brother at PAUL KASMIN GALLERY through May 13th 


We also visited Garvey-Simon Gallery where Linda Lindroth's photography exhibit was about to close.  Linda is one of my college friends, and her exhibit, Trickster in Flatland, was great inspiration for abstract compositions for both of us.   

April 8, 2017

FIT Illustration Class - April 5th

This semester I'm taking an Illustration class called Watercolor Comps and our professor is covering many basic skills that can be used for illustrations.  This week it was dip pens and India Ink on Smooth Paper to see how the type of pen can influence your drawings and lettering.  I used Bainbridge Illustration Board Hot Press-#172.  I did one quick sketch with pen and ink, and diluted ink and a brush for shading.  My second drawing was of my "imaginary friend" AXEL and friends with pen, ink, and watercolor.  I didn't like the way the watercolor went on the illustration board, and didn't take the time to try other smooth papers. 

I used two pen nibs:  A Zig Kuritake Pen Nib for a Manga Saji pen from the professor and a Brause Steno nib that I bought.  Both were flexible nibs and could make very fine or thick lines.  And both are available from Dick Blick. 



April 4, 2017

Macy's Flower Show 2017

New York City Urban Sketchers met at the Flower Show last week and spent the morning sketching.  I've never been, and really enjoyed walking around on multiple floors enjoying this wonderful harbinger of Spring.  The Theme this year was Carnival, and I'm including a few of the photos I took and my two sketchbook pages.





This is the Central portion of a carousel, with a ring of flower-covered animals surrounding it.  I sketched the rooster, simplifying the number of flowers that were attached.



And I sketched these beautiful Anthurium that were in a planter on the Mezzanine, overlooking the Ground Floor. 


These flowers were around the base of a large planter in an area filled with orchids.  They are gorgeous!  Can anyone identify them for me?



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