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Deliberate Practice: Drawing Hands

I love figure drawing and I'd love to be able to capture the hand positions of the models.  If I succeed at all, it is only in the 20 minute poses.  These hands were all drawn from photos I collect from fashion catalogues or the New York Times Magazine sections.  My drawing was done with a watercolor pencil, without adding water.  I love how easily it erases and can convert it to paint at any time with a watercolor brush. 



I found a great watch advertisement with 4 hand photos and was inspired to keep drawing this week.  Here are the two that I finished.  




Excellent!!! A good reminder to use the ads as models!

I finally had a chance to look at your beautiful website, thank you for the lovely comment left on my blog, and admire your sketching. Thanks again for helping to guide us on our walk through the garment district. I'm still very much in love with my fabric. Will enjoy following you here.

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