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Stamping a Multicolor Santa

I was pulling out a set of fun foam stamps for the Santa image shown below, and thought my tutorial from December 2010 should be reposted this month.  I have a few gift tags to make and this time will try to use F&W acrylic inks - based on my workshop this year with Judy Coates Perez.  In our workshop we used some of Judy's fun foam stamps on fabric and paper.


I used these stamps in 2010 for gift tags, and for the cover of small watercolor pamphlet-style books.  Here are  some of the practice images on various papers, including newspaper.






I wrote a tutorial for making these very inexpensive stamps - really one stamp for each color.  Here is a reposting of that blog post from December 2010. 


I will post some images made with the acrylic inks when I try them - although I used the ink on paper with a fun foam stamp in the workshop this November and it looked fine. 

The blue bee was messily stamped on my sketchbook page at the workshop.






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