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Vacation in Spain - Part 2

Before we left for Spain, I put 2 X 2" squares on several sketchbook pages, so I could add one image that stood out in my mind each day.  Here are the 3 grid pages that are now completed.




I also prepared pages to record activities for each day, which always is appreciated when I'm trying to remembers restaurants and other places.  




Thanks for sharing your trip with me!

Thanks for reminding me about the little squares idea! These are lovely. When I travel, I always take sketching supplies but rarely seem to have time to draw but take photos instead to draw later, which is not really the point! Little squares take about the same time as finding my phone, and are much more evocative and personal. I have recently discovered your blog and really enjoying it as I am an "anything with a paintbrush or needle" person myself.

Love your little "snippets" from your trip. Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic idea which I will be borrowing!

I keep forgetting about these two techniques! Great way to summarize the days activities and the random sketch.

What kind of pencil or ink did you use to make your sketches?

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