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Zach Makes a New Mouse

Rice Mice are very important in our family.  I started making them for my children decades ago and now I make them for and with my grandchildren.  There is an important story about their origin, and when I first posted it, I had many requests for the pattern and the book.  You can read the story here  



My 5 year old Grandson Zach and I had a playdate during Spring Break , and he asked if he could make one with me on my sewing machine.  He chose the fabric and buttons, and sat on my lap at the sewing machine to control the foot pedal.  He added the rice and I stitched up the opening.

Zach and his New Rouse Mouse



The Rouse Mouse 




Zach and Charlie Compare Rice Mice:  

My oldest son's family has accumulated a whole family of Rice Mouse, and Charlie wanted to join the picture with his mouse. 



Their Family of Rice Mice




Shirley -- What a creative family tradition! The little rice mice are so sweet.

Oooooh, so sweet. Yes, the Rice Mice appeal to everyone! Did I tell you I was able to get a copy of the book online from a used bookstore? I think it was the one and only left in the world! LOL! I got it to read to my grandson, Ben, and used the patterns you shared with me! Funny thing is that made my other grandchild ( university grad student!) say she had to have one, too! Then her mother, then my other daughter, Ben's mom.......yes, the whole family needs rice mice! Big hugs to you and thanks for sharing your "threads" part of your blog! Art knows no boundaries!

That is just adorable!

Oh grandma, do those kids know how lucky they are to have you?! What fun!!!!

They look fun to do, my grandson is too young, but I'll keep these mice in mind for the future.

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