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Playdate with Zach

Zach is in Pre-K and had his Winter Break several weeks ago.  We scheduled a playdate and when I asked him where he wanted to go, he said the Museum so we could sketch.  As soon as we got off the phone he packed up his sketchbook and pencils so he wouldn't forget anything. 

Here is my picture of him sketching in the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  There is a Bear Sculpture of 3 Bears, but he was ready to move on after sketching the bear in the middle.



And here is his sketch of the Bear!   He was very pleased with it.



We eventually did two more sketches, learned lots about mummies in the Egyptian Galleries and went to visit William the Blue Hippopotamus, the Met's several thousand year old mascot that is also in the Egyptian Gallery.   

Several of my other grandchildren like to draw and paint and I'm hoping that we can keep this interest alive.   


What a wonderful influence you are on your grandchildren. He's already in your footsteps to becoming a talented artist!

Oh how absolutely precious, Shirley!

Hello Shirley and Zach,
I have to say, that is the best drawing of a bear I have ever seen - I am amazed!!! :-D

He did a great job! An upcoming artist?

I love how he chooses to go sketching, an artist through and through. The bear is fantastic!

I'm impressed with the proportions that he captured. A good eye!

I'm impressed with the proportions that he captured. A good eye!

thank you for sharing -- just wonderful!

awwwwwwwwwwwww....he's too cuteeee!!!! :) Kids that draw - irresistible!

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