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Urban Sketchers - NYC Aug 14th

We went to Madison Square Park for my second day with the Urban Sketchers - NYC.  I took the accordion book that I used for my first day with them and completed the first side of the paper with this sketch of the Flatiron Building and my friend Benedicte sketching in front of me.  The accordion book is here:


This group meets weekly and I just created a new category for drawings done at these events.  My category list in way down under the monthly entries for my blog.



I did a few preparatory sketches, based on Liz Steel's recent demo in Sketchbook School Semester 2 - and overcame my fear of failure sketching this iconic NYC landmark. 



After lunch I searched for another building to draw around Madison Square Park and was drawn to this one because of the multiple rooftop water towers.  These sketches were done with a Tombow marker and then "painted" with clear water in a Niji waterbrush. 



WoooooHooo Shirley! Congrats! Warning....Urban Sketching is addictive !!!, LOL! Enjoy!

Shirley: I've been a member of EDM for several years, following your blog as you post, never left a comment that I can remember, but had to today because of this Flat Iron Bldg sketch and the one with the water towers. You've really moved a giant step forward with these two drawings. You should be very proud of this milestone in your progress. Well done and congratulations for overcoming your fear of architectural drawing. Bravo.

Hi Shirley,
I love your painting of one of my favorite NYC landmarks. My step-daughter, as a young bride, lived across the street from the Flatiron. She had a great view of Madison Square Park. Makes me sooo homesick! She now lives in Tenafly. Not quite as interesting but necessary for the time being.
I've taken up bookbinding which I really love. We have a book arts organization here in Tucson called Paperworks. They provide good instruction and lots of inspiration. Alas, I still struggle with sketching and will attempt a travel journal during a month in Berlin this fall.
Thanks for sharing your work with us through your blog.

Excellent sketches, with big buildings it's so easy to be overwhelmed.

Hi Shirley. Ages since I've dropped in to Everydaymatters - so nice to find you here still and posting such great work. I'm looking forward to doing a couple of workshops with Liz Steel next month with our Society of Artists - travel sketching and architectural.

These are wonderful, Shirley. I, too, was in Sketchbok Skool, taking both sessions. It's fun.

Lucky you being in the City and enjoying the weekly meet-ups with urban sketchers. That is very cool, and you're creating VERY nice work! Bravo!

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