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Happy 8th Anniversary to Paper and Threads

 I reflected on my 2013 progress in my last blog post and now want to enumerate my current goals for 2014.  My 8th blog anniversary is tomorrow making this the perfect time to plan for another year.

Goals for 2014:   

My main goals remain:  Daily Sketch, Blog 2X/week, Figure Drawing at the Society of Illustrators every month and each Wed during the summer at the Battery Park Conservancy. 

I wanted to give a little structure to the beginning of the year - when it is so easy to slow down after the Holidays are over, so I planned a few classes! 

1. I want to take another Fine Art class each semester as a Senior Scholar at FIT.  Registration for Spring semester is January 24th and I won't find out which class I will get until that day.

2. I signed up for an online Craftsy Class called The Art of Dying with Jane Dunnewold - to inspire me to use some of my dyes and the many techniques I've learned over many years.  I use the dyed fabric for bookcloth and assorted other art quilt projects.

3. I also signed up for an online 9 week Class with Jeanne Oliver called Studying Under the Masters.  It begins on January 14th.  I always copy drawings and paintings from the exhibits I attend, so this will be FUN!

4. As the year progresses, I may look for a calligraphy class at the Society of Scribes to move beyond Italic Calligraphy and make an Artist Book based on a favorite 1868 book about educating women.

5. I will continue making books - and have a list of structures I still want to explore. 

6. Lastly, I look forward to many art playdays with my friends Teri, Pat, and Benedicte.  They make all of this even more fun. 


Undoubtedly I will dream up more projects as the year progresses and will be "flexible" and enjoy where each of these individual activities take me.   

What are your goals??? 







These are great goals! It is going to be a great productive year for you. As for me, I am starting with some intention words this year to guide my goals in the various roles of my life. I have been blogging about it a little here http://rebeccastahr.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/out-with-the-old-what-is-your-new/

Basically, I am starting with an overall word that will guide all others. At the moment, I am really liking the word "clarity." It is having a lot of meaning for me in my efforts right now. Then I plan on choosing a word to guide each season within that overall directions. I am thinking of explore, play, adventure among some others. I still need to define them. Then lastly I will more clearly define some of the goals I currently have in mind and make sure they fit in the direction i want to take for the year.

Like you, I want to take more classes to be with the creative energy of other artists. I signed up for a creative coaching class. I am thinking about mentoring other women to find their creative voices. I have weekly play days with my artist friends and I also started an creative women's support group that meets monthly to hold each other accountable and be a support network. I've started a new medium of encaustic wax painting last year and have fallen head over heals in love with it and want to explore the depths that further. Lastly, I have been ignoring my blog a bit and need to get that back in the mix. As you have said, I think in you EDM email... these online friendships are wonderful support and I want to keep them strong.

Best wishes to you. I look forward to seeing all that you produce this coming year!

Rebecca Stahr

Looks like a fine set of goals. Good luck.

I'm still thinking about exactly what my goals are but like Rebecca I'm going to dedicate more time to my blog as it has been feeling lonely as late! You will have a busy year ahead of you, so I'll wish you a happy and funfilled 2014!

What wonder memories with your grandchildren. I'm sure they will hold those dear in their heart as they grow. Your sketches are wonderful too. I love cracking open a fresh new Moleskine. You also should like you have plans for a wonderful year. I look forward to seeing your activity.

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