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More Books Being Made Here

We are in the middle of a heat wave, and I prefer being in air conditioning as much as possible.  I am taking Mary Ann Moss's summer fun class called SEWN, in which we are making patterns on paper and then using those painted sheets in various projects. 

This week I made a book for the pattern sheets that I created in Central Park each morning over the July 4th holiday.  I wanted to remember those mornings and wanted to save the paper - intact.  So I had to design a book structure that let me put them in without punching holes in the pages.  I accordion folded paper, every 1/2", making 5 valley folds and glued the left edge of the pattern pages to the right side of the valley - like you do for flag books.  Then I made two covers and stitched the accordion between them using the Coptic stitch/accordion format.  Two more pages of patterns were used for the end papers and a few random small pages were collaged onto the backs of the other pages. This book measures 7.5 x 11".

It felt good to know that I'm really learning how to make and use the various book structures for handmade books.  Here are a few photos.  The covers were made from more sheets of my paste paper.  This paste paper design was created by rolling a pink rubber ball over the surface of the paper.





This week I also made a pamphlet stitched book of watercolor paper using the basic instructions for Teesha Moore's 16 page book.  It uses a single 22 x 30" sheet of watercolor paper and creates an 8 x 10" portrait  book.  I modified the instructions for our second weekly SEWN project - and created octagons of my patterns mixed together with scraps of other papers left over from end papers etc.  I laid out two octagons on the book cover, filled in the surrounding areas with more scraps and stitched it all together on my sewing machine. 

I will use this book for more figure drawing practice - drawing with my paintbrush, so I put a print of my first few figures on the front and inside flap.  Then because I've never done it before, I added beads, as dangles, on the spine.




Readers of this blog may know that my challenge this year was to explore one new bookbinding structure each month.  This is a photo of the books I made since January 1, 2013. 



Oh my, what a wonderful collection. You make me feel as though I've done nothing! (I know that's not true, but wow.)Each book is a treasure.

You're starting to accumulate a library of interesting books you've created! Love these.

Just lovely to look at! And lots of inspiration. Yo must be so pleased with these!

Wow. Very prolific!! Nice books.

Love your books, and am truly impressed with the number and variety that you've made since January!


oh shirley your books are such treasures. i love the use of the hexagons on your sketchbook. so lovely! your trips to central park sound very fun!

These sketchbooks are all awesome! I love the harlequin pattern page in the top one! You make me want to make some! :)

awesome covers! I really like that green beetle :D

What an amazing collection of books Shirley! The method you used for your sewn book is amazing to me - a true beginner.

Shirley: I follow Mary Ann Moss's blog faithfully. What a fun person she is! Your books are fabulous. This has got to bring you a lot of satisfaction. I've never made a handmade book/journal. No resources here in this city of 2 million. Art/crafts just don't make it here. Keep up the good work and do share with us.

Awesome, Shirley! You are so productive. Great use of the accordion book! What is next? We are all waiting for the next episode. You have a very special collection of books. Feeling inspired looking at it.

Amazing! You are inspiring me to start binding again. I've gotten so lazy about making my own but treasure the ones I have made. I so admire your pursuit of learning and discovery with your books.

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Those are some amazing covers! Would you be able to post some tutorials on how you made them?

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