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This week I decided that I finally had to try drawing figures with paint, instead of pencil. 

I go to figure drawing approximately once per month and I feel more comfortable drawing figures with 9B graphite pencils than I did several years ago.  But I watch some of the other artists using only brush and paint.  How was I ever going to develop this skill? 

 It is hard to start something new when I am doing timed poses - in a group setting, so I decided to begin practicing at home.   I used the large Niji waterbrush and my wood, articulated artist's model.  And when I finished, my figure looked like a wooden statue!  Not shown!!

The next day I switched to the small Niji waterbrush and sketched from photos in my Mark Edward Smith's book The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist.   Here are practice figures 2-4 - one done each of the next 3 days.  Each one took approximately 10 minutes.




These are really quite nice, Shirley. I'm impressed!


By golly, I think you've got it!!

Very well done!!!

I have been following your blog for a long time. You are very kind to share your process in painting, sketching, and bookbinding...just to mention the most frequent posts! My daughter and I are considering bookbinding projects, primarily to use some of the lovely papers I have collected through the years. I have finally admitted that I will not live long enough to paint on all that paper! I am interested in making journal size books, most with watercolor or multimedia paper. I want to keep it simple at this point, not too many styles. Can you recommend a book that has the basics, the "how to" of using things like the cradle for making the holes, basic stitching, making the signatures...the necessary things.? I would appreciate your opinion. Our budget is a bit tight and I think I will make my own book cradle. E mail would be OK if your prefer. Thanks so much.

Very nice. I have the nude figure book too, so handy for those of us (meaning me) who have no live figure drawing classes nearby. I think these look really good.

I like these very much!


I sent you a long email about my bookbinding experiences. Hope you received it.

If not, please send me another comment.

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