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Figure Drawing in Battery Park

Yesterday was my first day this summer at Battery Park Figure Drawing.  The heat wave broke temporarily and it was cool and breezy sitting in the South Cove.  The model wore a strapless, flowing dress, making it hard to see her form.  Here are a few of my drawings.

One Minute Poses:



Five Minute Poses:  I used a General Sketch and Wash pencil and added water. The slightly buckled paper did not scan well.



Ten Minute Pose:  My first attempt drawing a live model with my paintbrush and watercolor.  This was the only one worth showing.



These drawings are so fresh & spontaneous. Lovely!

Really lovely work.. Do you go with a group or by yourself to Battery Park?

The Battery Park Conservancy has 3 summer adult art programs in Battery Park. This one is two free hours (with one clothed model and supplies) on Wednesday afternoons and there are approximately 35-50 artists who attend each week. Several of my artist friends are there with me, weather permitting. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I don't usually comment on my own blog, so here's hoping it is approved :-)

These are great figure drawings Shirley!!

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