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I Can't Stop Making Books

 Making a Coptic Book from a Thrift Store Book: 

I bought this 8 X 11" book for $2 at a New York City thrift shop so I could try converting it into a Coptic book with watercolor paper.

I removed the page block and the book board inside the book cloth in the spine.  I cut the spine book cloth down the middle, folded it to the inside, and glued it in place.  Seven holes were punched in the front and back covers and I sewed in 4 signatures of 140 lb watercolor paper.  I plan to use this book for more watercolor painted figures.



A Quilted Book Cover for a 6 X 8" Notebook:  Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine from Holiday 2011-12

This is another book idea that I liked, and I finally made it this past weekend.  It is a quilted cover with front and back cover pockets for pens, index cards, and extra papers. The taxi fabric is the pocket.  Here is the front.


Here is the back:



Here is the inside of the front cover:




Love the quilted cover...I can see how useful this will be.

These are awesome! I especially like the quilted book cover! You are making me want to make some books, and I'm busy learning to weave! lol Great job! :)

Oh I laughed so hard. I "get it" when you say you can't stop making books. They certainly are addictive. Show the Coptic book when done, OK and I LOVE the quilted book cover!!!

I love the idea of the pockets on the cover to put papers and pens! Keep on making books, one can never have too many!

Your choice of covers is terrific. "The Brain" brings a laugh and the taxis say NY to me. A place for pens is such a neat idea.

I love that black fabric. Is it from CQ?

How do you fill them all so fast? Or are there several still in pristine (unused) condition?

The taxi fabric looks fantastic!

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