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Spring Daffodils, Gelli Arts Printing, and a Breakthrough

Spring finally reached New York City and there are daffodils everywhere along the streets and avenues.  The tulips are just getting ready to bloom - they will be next week's paintings.


Yesterday Teri, Pat, and Benedicte joined me at my dining room table for another play day making prints with Gelli Arts plates.  Here is a photo taken at the height of our printing - 4 plates, lots of paints, and numerous stamps, stencils, and other texturing tools.


I don't especially like acrylic paints and need to experiment with different pens so I can draw over acrylics without immediately ruining each pen.  But I love making the prints, so I'm open to any and all suggestions for pens that you use successfully.  I can use a dip pen and India ink, but then I can't transport my tools easily because of fear of ink stains.Teri suggests Souffle and Glaze pens and gave me a Sharpie to try (Poster Paint).  This is one of the acrylic prints I made - using color copy paper. 


But then I decided that I really needed to try to make a print with watercolor paint.  I have an inexpensive set of Reeves tube paints that Sydney uses with me and I used them in the same way that I used the craft acrylic paints.   I deliberately used a stencil, a stamp, sequin waste, and corrugated cardboard to texture the paint on the Gelli plate for my test and here is what printed!!


I was so excited that I made several more - printing one of them in my current watercolor sketchbook.


Last night I painted several more daffodils over the watercolor Gelli print using Winsor-Newton Gouache paints!  I am super-execited!  Now I can play with media and tools that I like better.  What other cheap, tube watercolors should I try??


The daffodils are precious! :) I love looking at group projects like that

Hi Shirley. I'm responding to your EDM post. What great prints you've made. I love Gelli plates but I'm not sure they'd work with watercolours because I believe they need quite a thick medium to be effective. I wonder if gouache might work?

Shirley, did we try gouache yet?

Love these pages.

Looks great fun, I love experimenting with paint!

I love my Gelli Plate ... and I love watercolours. I played using Artbars (which are water based) and really took to the more unpredictable results.

To draw on top of my acrylic Gelli prints I used a mixed media approach (rather than ruin pens!) and drew/painted on either tissue paper or tracing paper and then glued over.
I heartily recommend Derwent water based pencils/products (Artbars, inktense, aquatone, graphitint, metallics, watercolour .... a vast range!) for painting on prints with if you want to try something else different :-)

I think the muted colours of your print, its layout and then the daffodils on top is just gorgeous.

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